Underwater Photography

Underwater photography is one of Ian Gray’s specialities. Furthermore, is his one of his biggest passions. Even when Ian was young, he developed a love for photography and water. Later he practiced his photography skills on land until he finally started scuba diving. During his training of becoming a Divemaster, he fell in love with the underwater world. Soon he would take down his first underwater camera and started taking photos of marine life. Soon he experienced in different fields such as underwater model, mermaid and fashion photography. Ian Gray loves the variety and also the challenges that come with photography under water. Below see some of Ian’s work as an underwater photographer.

Underwater Models

This gallery shows some of Ian’s underwater model photography like fashion photography for example.


Ian Gray often works with the professional underwater model Mermaid Kat. As a result he turned into a well known underwater mermaid photographer. Now he helps underwater models and mermaids to build their portfolios during international retreats called Mermaid Weeks. Below you can some selections of Ian’s underwater mermaid photography.

Marine Life

After all, taking photos of marine life is one of Ian’s biggest passions. In addition to the overwhelming feeling to swim with marine life in their natural habitat, Ian loves the challenge of interacting with marine life. Ian had the privilege to swim with humpback whales, sting rays, mantas, pilot whales, reef sharks, oceanic white tip sharks, tiger sharks and saltwater crocodiles. However, he is constantly looking for new underwater adventures and challenges.

Underwater Photography with Divers

Besides underwater models and mermaids, Ian also enjoys taking photos of divers. As a certified IANTD Intro to Cave diver, Ian loves taking photos in caves. The cenotes in Mexico are some of Ian’s favourite places for underwater photography. Additionally he loves ship wrecks and their stories.

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